We Come To Help You

Recorded in the Circle

Good evening friends.

We are glad to come into your circle once again bringing with us a blessing from the other side of life, as you term it, and an assurance that while you walk the earth plane you do not walk it alone. With each one of you there are those from Spirit who come to help you, who come to give you advice, who come to give you a direction. We do not come to live your lives for you, to make your decisions, to decide whether you should do this, or that, or the other. We merely come in order that we can show you the whole of the questions that face you, in order that we can throw some light upon the problems that arise as you go through your daily life.

We can speak, if we wish, of the wonderful power of Spirit. We can tell you of the might of the Almighty. We can give you some inkling of what it is like to be in Spirit, but there is still the barrier between us and you. We have tried to explain how difficult it is to get through to your atmosphere and it is difficult on occasions for us to work through an instrument. There are so many barriers put up by you upon the earth plane. In your links with Spirit there is an understanding between you and Spirit.

You know such a lot about your life upon Earth and when the transition comes you know that you will go forward in Spirit. It is a path of eternal progress, but you have very little idea of what eternal means. In your world of matter, while you are in the Earth body, you are so limited, so hampered. You are surrounded by so many responsibilities, so many duties, so many diversions, and yet you know that because you are a spirit you have got to have communication with the other side of life; communication that can be as important in your life as communication with people upon Earth. The biggest thing in life is to make the adjustment between the spiritual and the material. To realise that you have got to allow yourselves time for both; time for links with Spirit and time for your work upon the earth plane.

You know that there is much on Earth that is on the negative side. There are many, many things that take place that go contrary to the wishes of Spirit. There is so much mistrust and hatred, so much suspicion, and yet if you will face life on Earth with the feeling that you are kin to every other living creature, whether it be human or animal, insect, fish or bird. That which manifests within each one of them is the same spirit that manifests within you. When you come to our side of life you will find that there is Spirit manifesting in various bodies, in various forms. You will find your animal friends. You will find the links which you have made upon Earth that you have forgotten. You will find so much that is like Earth but very much more that is not.

While you are on the earth plane make the most of the opportunities that Earth gives you. Try to serve, try to love. Try to look for the good in everybody and everything. Try to realise that the link with Spirit is not just with you but it flows through you to every other living organism.

We have tried to tell you in the past that time does not exist in Spirit, as you understand it. We have tried to make you realise that size does not exist in Spirit. Those things are things of the matter, things of your universe; but your universe is just one. Your life upon Earth is just one and there are myriad's of other universes, myriad's of other lives, myriad's of other opportunities.

We are grateful to you for holding this circle because the light that you shine reaches out into Spirit. You cannot see it but it is very real and that light is of immense importance to us in our work for the souls who are coming over to our side of life.

Do not despair about your earth plane, remember that it was formed in order that it would give you experience, in order that it would be a part of your development, a part of your journey into Spirit and everything that happens upon your earth plane will have some part to play in the development of Spirit.

We give you our love and our blessing, and we pray that you may see your pathway upon Earth, and in following it you will find that it leads you in the right ways, it leads you to where you can be of service to others, both on the earth plane, and in the Spirit world.

Goodnight and God bless you all.

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