God Bless You

Some Thoughts about Life

God bless you.

What do those words mean to you I wonder? How many times do you use them in your everyday speech without paying any attention to their meaning? You may even say "bless me" when anything happens that surprises you and yet within those three words there is such a lot of truth and love. When you sit and think about God what do you picture in your mind, do you have an image still of a venerable old gentleman sitting on a throne surrounded by angels with wings playing harps? Probably not because you have a knowledge of Spiritualism, a knowledge of the afterlife. You also have a knowledge of God as being the Great Spirit, as being behind everything that there is on Earth. In your lives, the experiences that you have, you feel that God is all around you and you also feel that God is within you. One of your wise men said "mankind are gods in the making". You know that you are on a journey, that you set out, who knows how many years ago in your time, and that journey has taken you through many experiences, through many different lives, through many different forms, until eventually you are brought to some understanding of Spirit.

You join together in worship in your church, you join in your Circle, you have your moments of contemplation each day when you try to link up with Spirit, when you send your thoughts out into the ether asking if there is anything there for you. Each one of you realises how important you are. There is only one of you in this particular incarnation and that you is different from everybody else upon Earth. You have your links with Spirit and you renew those links quite often in your sleep state. You know that within each one of you there is a soul, there is a being that is immortal. You have to endure life in a body, a body of Earth. You have to endure the experiences that, that body has to undergo but, because of your knowledge, because of your faith, because of your understanding, you accept what life has to give you.

You may think that your particular road is rougher than someone else's, you may think that you have more difficulties to face than other people, but you do not really know because you cannot get into someone else's mind. You make links with other people in Spirit and in the body, you try to reach them with your mind. You try to understand, but it is impossible because the inner life of every soul upon Earth is something that is private to that soul, gaining experience that is necessary for that particular soul's development.

You have been asking questions about what the other life is like and we have said that there may be may different explanations, many different descriptions of life in Spirit. But always remember that the spirit that goes on is still you, that it goes with the same prejudices, with the same spirituality, with the same sins, if you like, with the same faults that you had upon Earth. When you get to the other side of life, when you look back you will see the pattern of your particular life, you will see the places where you have gone wrong and you will see the places where you have done right. You do not see this immediately, you do not see the whole of your life, it is as your spirituality develops on the other side of life that you see more and more of the events that have taken place upon Earth. Remember, there is nothing that happens in your life that happens by chance. The experiences that you have are obtained through the links which you make with other people upon Earth and also with the links that you make with the people from Spirit.

We have said so often that it is impossible for us to tell you what the Spirit World is like because it will be different for each one of you. You will meet up with those whom you love, but some of them may have "gone on", progressed, developed, moved into another stage of existence. One of the precepts which is taught in your church is that "eternal progress is open to every soul". Eternity! You cannot understand it to the full while you are in a body that responds to time; while you are in circumstances that clog you; while you have to function in a body of matter in a world of matter. But what we want you to realize is that while you are upon the earth plane you have the opportunity to develop. You have the opportunity to grow spiritually. You have the opportunity to serve humanity.

It does not really matter what your faith is. It does not really matter how much you know about Spirit! What matters is how you serve your fellow men and women. The love which you bring to them; the help which you give; the service which you render. This is far more important than knowing what the Spirit world is like. Far more important than being able to link up Spirit. Far more important than being able to speak with tongues. Far more important than being able to give clairvoyance, clairaudiance, or any of the other gifts of the Spirit, except healing. That is where you can show your Love for humanity, that is where you can show the importance that Spiritualism means to you: by service to others, by linking up with the healers from Spirit, by doing each day the things that come to your hand willingly and with a good heart.

You complicate things for yourselves when you try to learn too much and yet learning is a trait of the human character that can never be completely altered. Mankind has a mind that is always asking "why"; but the progress that mankind has made and, however much you may deplore the modern world, man has made enormous progress during his evolution upon Earth. Those things are inherent in mankind but, at the same time, if he would but look around him and see the little things that need to be done, give the kindly word, give a helping hand, give a listening ear, give out healing thoughts when you meet someone who is not completely well. Giving out sympathy where there is sorrow, giving hope where there is despair. We are speaking truisms we know and yet Spiritualism can be so simple; it just means serving God by serving your fellow men and women.

Goodnight my friends and God bless you all.

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