Weaving The Threads

Some Thoughts from a Spirit Helper

Recorded in the Circle

God bless you my children. We say that each time we come do we not?

We have tried to explain how a blessing can affect you. How it can give you comfort. How it can give you strength and how it can enable you to pass it on to the people with whom you come into contact. May we just say, although you are few in number tonight, those who normally sit with you are linking up with you in thought. You are not alone! You are not just one little circle! You are part of a much greater circle; a circle of Earth and Spirit combined together. A circle that links up with other groups similar to yourselves; meeting all over your country; throughout your world. Each of them is linking with a group in Spirit. If you think of it like that you will never feel that anything you do any power that you bring; any love or any thoughts you send out will be wasted. It is by gathering the threads together from the various little groups. From those sitting on their own sending out thoughts of love and healing. It is by gathering all these threads together that we can weave a cloak for your world.

There is much that is distressful to you in it. There is a lot of hurt. There is a lot that seems so wrong to your eyes. But look upon life as being a testing ground; as being a school; as being a place were you have to learn. Think of those who are sharing this knowledge with you as fellow pupils along the road. Some of you will be in the kindergarten class. Some will have advanced to the primary; some junior and a few senior. But whatever stage they are in the lessons that they have to learn through Earth are tailored to their particular needs; to their standard of development. To their understanding. Even those who to you seem to be so depraved; to be so wicked. Who seem to love evil for evil's sake even they are learning and, although it may seem to you that they are squandering their opportunities, yet out of their degradation there will come knowledge and experience.

No soul on Earth is completely damned. Always there is progression available to them. And if it seems to you that in their incarnation upon Earth they are turning their backs upon everything that is worth while remember you can only see from the outside; they see from the inside; even as we do.

It is so difficult for you not to condemn. It is so easy to sit in judgement on your fellow men and women but always remember because you start at a point further along the road than they so you will have different lessons to learn. You are responsible for yourselves. You are not responsible for anyone else. You cannot alter people's lives for them. All you can do is give help where help is wanted. To send out your prayers and your love to all who need it and remember that in time every soul upon Earth will attain the "perfect status".

We bless you. We thank you for what you are doing both in your Circle and in your ordinary lives. We thank you on behalf of those from Spirit who come to learn as well as those who come to give. In the great scheme of things your world, with all the good and all the evil that is upon it, is fulfilling the purpose that was intended for it when it was created out of the dust of the cosmos.

Goodnight to you all.

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