What Is Truth?

As you see it perhaps?

Recorded in the Circle

Good evening friends.

The words that we want to give to you tonight are very familiar to you and yet they have such a wealth of meaning. The phrase we want to use is: "God is a Spirit and They that Worship Him must Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth".

It is when you come to think about truth that you come up against a difficulty. What is Truth? You can only look into your own minds, into your own souls, into your own thoughts. You know that what you see as truth does not appear the same to other people. Each one of you, being individual, being at a different stage of your evolution, looks upon life in a slightly different way. What to you seems to be truth can be falsehood to another, and what seems to you to be completely wrong can be equally true to someone else.

It is when you come to think about the differences between people. When you come to realize that souls at different stages of evolution can look at the same thing and see two different objects then you begin to realize the fallacy of trying to express anything as being the ultimate truth!

When you look back over your lives you realize that when you were young you thought in a certain direction and, as you grew older, as you got more experience of life, as you met different types of people and had different experiences so your ideas, your beliefs, your ideals gradually changed. The things that you accept today as being true would not have been acceptable to you ten, twenty or thirty years ago. Always you have to realize that even though you look at facts from a different angle so you are developing an understanding. That development must include being tolerant of other people's beliefs. Being prepared to accept that everybody has ideals of one sort or another. Everybody has beliefs! And all those ideals, all those beliefs, all those different creeds, every single one of them can represent the truth to a particular individual. What you have to do is to find your own truth. To know what it is within you that can accept and then to take and develop your beliefs.

It is impossible for everyone on Earth, for everyone living, for every soul in a human body to understand about God. It is impossible for you to have any real idea of what the Spirit World is like because everyone who comes back from Spirit brings with them a different aspect, a different word, a different idea. Each of them knows, especially when they come from Spirit, that their ideals, their beliefs are unique to them and they fit the stage of evolution that each particular soul is at.

So it is with you upon Earth when you are in a human body. You are limited. First by your material being; by the body in which you function. Secondly by the heredity that is a part of your makeup. Thirdly by the environment in which you were brought up and fourthly by the experiences that you have passed through during your lives. Each of these various things has put a different facet upon truth for you. So remember you have to be true to yourself. True to what you know; to what you believe. But you have to respect every other being, every other form of religion, every other idea that someone has.

Because you are Spiritualists. Because you are gathered together in a circle so you have responsibilities both to yourself and to those around you. Be ready to stand. To say what you believe. To give voice to your ideals; to your feelings. Every time submit your ideas to the judgment of your soul, of your spirit, that part of your being that is a part of God.

You will not learn the whole truth; no one can! But you will find that there is a thread of it in what you believe; in what you can accept. That is what you have got to build upon.

Goodnight my friends and God bless you.

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