Earth Is A Planet

Sister of Mercy Talks about Moving On

Recorded in the Circle during 1988

Good evening friends.

It is a joy to come into your Circle again because in making this link with Earth we feel that there is some good being done. We feel that while there are groups like yours; people who send out their thoughts of love, not only to those on the earth plane but to those who are in Spirit, and do not realise it, then there is light.

As you know your Earth is going through a dark period. You have seen the effects of it in the disasters that have occurred in your world. Some of the disasters were man made. Some of them are tragedies of nature; things that will occur from time to time because your Earth is still settling down. We have told you before that your Earth is in the process of moving on, coming up, in the sense that up is good in the scheme of things.

For many centuries Earth has been a testing ground. It has been a place where souls have come to learn; to experience; to deal with the things of matter and in dealing with matter to grow in Spirit.

There cannot be change without tragedies and change is in the offing for your Earth. The time scale is very difficult for us to give you because, as you know, time is so very different on our side of life from what it is on yours. But rest assured that in the years that lie ahead there will still be changes in Earth's place in the scheme of things and Earth will take a step up in the scale of evolution.

Mankind will eventually disappear from the earth plane because there will no longer be need for it. Instead there will be a planet in some other universe that will take the place of Earth as a school of learning. Earth will go back to being a primitive world and the evolution (of the Earth) will start all over again. Starting from the place that it did so many millions of years ago.

You are experiencing the beginnings of that change and although it may seem to you that these tragedies are unnecessary, yet we tell you that they are a part of God's plan; the plan for the world as a whole. There will still be more coming, but remember, down through the ages there have been tragedies from time to time in places far apart on your Earth but you, in your country, would not have heard of them. It is because of the growth of the - what you term - media that the events which take place in one part of the world are known immediately throughout the whole.

If you could look into the world of nature. If you could look at the colonies of insects. If you could look at the progress that is being undertaken in those other realms you would find that there were tragedies there and that from time to time whole colonies would be wiped out. Disease can be rampant throughout the world of nature even as it is in the human world. But in the whole scheme of things inevitably everything that has life, everything that has soul, everything that is a part of Spirit will eventually move to Spirit and in moving there it will have achieved the purpose of its existence.

We could try to tell you of the various plans that are taking place but a lot of them you would not understand because soul is an essence that is un-translatable into your language. You are confined by what you know. Your scientists are pushing and pushing into the realms of the unknown trying to gather more and more knowledge. But that knowledge is of no use to anyone unless they can understand what lies behind it. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is an empty thing. Knowledge for the sake of finding something that will be of help, either in your world or in ours is very, very valuable and yet if there weren't these men and women dedicated to seeking the unknown there would be no progress both in a material and in a spiritual sense.

As you know all mankind is on a journey, a pilgrimage, a trek that will take them eventually to God. But that is so far in the future that it is impossible to contemplate. All we can ask you to do is what we try to do on our side of life. To take the opportunities as they arise; make the best of them; try to learn from them and in learning try to grow both in wisdom and in love so that we can give that love to other souls who, perhaps, have not quite reached our stage.

You know that it is because we love you that we come back from time to time to speak with you and it is because we are loved in our turn by those who are ahead of us that we make progress on the other side of, what you call, life. But life is eternal, life goes on without end.

We cannot see where our lives are going when we pass through the shadow that you call death. When we come into the Spirit World we begin to understand a little more than you do, but we are still learning. We are still, if you like, in the primary class whereas you are in the kindergarten.

We ask you to do your best with your circumstances. To give love to all your fellow beings. We use the word "beings" because we want you to embrace the whole of life, not just humans. Not just your own kith and kin, your own families, your own nation. But to send out love to the whole of the creation on Earth. To the insect kingdom and the birds, to the animals, the fish, and all the myriad's of teeming life forces that there are upon the Earth.

Remember when you leave your body behind you leave behind so much, not only of the material but of the circumstances of Earth; the limitations that you have because you are fettered in a body. But you take with you your experiences. You take with you the progress that you have made. You take with you the love which you have been sending out. You will find when you come to our side that that love will be there waiting to greet you; waiting to give you its blessing. Love is the greatest force there is! Someday all life on the earth plane will be life in Spirit. All life will be progressing towards God.

Goodnight my friends and God bless you all..

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