Young People and Changes Coming

Recorded in the Circle during 1986

We want to give our love and our greetings.

We want to tell you that there are changes coming in your world. Changes, some of which will be good, and some of which won't. We want to say to each of you that you have a responsibility. You must not just sit back and do nothing! You have to take your part in bringing about the state of the world that will be.

At the moment there is a battle going on between your world and ours and a battle between the forces of Light and the forces of Dark. A battle that you have got to take your part in. It is no use your moaning about the state of your world, that is caused by the state of your people, by the state of your minds. It is up to you who know something about the afterlife; something about the reason that you are here. It is up to you to pass on that information.

There is a movement among your young people, a movement that is leading to a spiritual awareness. That movement you must encourage. When the youngsters speak to you about their ideals they may seem to you to be completely unrealistic.You have got to learn to tolerate, to understand, to join in and sympathize with them.

You may say that you do not meet many young people. Make a point of talking to any groups that you come into contact with. If you meet some that you think are rough, don't pass by on the other side, make a point of smiling, making the first move. That is what we want you to do.

There will be changes as we have said. Be ready and know that Spirit will take advantage of every opportunity that is given to us.

Goodnight and God bless you.

Download the recording of this talk.
The file is Lucy - 28

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