A Change Of Mind

Some Words from Sister of Mercy

Bless you my children.

It gives us great pleasure to come once again into your circle and to leave you with just one or two ideas that might be of help to you or that you might be able to pass on to somebody whom you meet.

What we want to speak about tonight is the difficulty that you have on changing somebody's opinion.

As you go through life you acquire ideas; you acquire prejudices; you acquire all manner of things that seem to you to be irrevocable. Always you find it very difficult to change your mind and yet when you look back on your lives you realise that there were many occasions upon which you made up your mind about one particular person or one particular thing.

At the time you were very dogmatic about them and gradually you found that you were altering your mind. Now, when you look back, you wonder how you could have accepted such an idea; how you could have had such an opinion of someone. Sometimes your first impressions of a person may be very unpleasant and you dismiss them as being someone who is not worth knowing but you find that circumstances bring you closer together and, as you get to know someone, so you realise that the impression that you first had of them has been altered on further acquaintance.

It is the same with everyone upon the earth plane. It is so much easier to carry on in your little niche; it is easier to follow a rut that has already been ploughed than it is to make a new one.

When you are young you are so prejudiced about so many things and you think it would be a simple matter to set the world right. As you grow older you realise that you cannot change people in the twinkling of on eye. There are occasions when someone has been shall we say "converted", yet it has not lasted. Before very long they begin to have the doubts creeping in and they find their original ideas still in their minds.

Change in your earth plane is a gradual process. Change of ideas, change of political opinion, change of circumstances. We do not want you to feel because you cannot alter someone's opinion immediately that you have failed. If you just drop a few ideas - one or two thoughts - they might take root and then begin to grow. So it is with your religion; with your knowledge of Spirit. You cannot force it upon anyone else. They have got to come to the decision on their own. What you can do is to give them one or two hints; to give one or two impressions, as the occasion arises, and then leave that impression to work through the person's mind.

You know because you have been told so often from Spirit that people are beginning to get an idea of Spirit. They are beginning to realise that life is not the be-all and end-all of existence. There is the start of a knowledge awakening again in men's hearts; a realisation that Spirit is here. That the Spirit World is not in some remote place up in the skies but it lies all around. We have told you before that your scientists are beginning to understand that there are forces which they cannot explain and which cannot be explained by rational thinking. These ideas at the moment are very nebulous but they have begun to sink in. In time they will be accepted.

It is difficult for us from our side of life to give you any idea of time as it counts in your earth plane because it is so different on our side of life. We cannot explain it to you in such a way that you can understand. We can only ask you to remember that in the period of man's history - four and a half million years - a lot of things have taken place. Some of the changes have been very, very slow and some have been comparatively quick. To you it seems as though the pace of progression; the pace of development, of invention, is getting even quicker. Yet there are still places in your world that are in the state that you were in, say, five hundred years ago.

Earth is a place where men have come to learn. A place of pilgrimage. A place where the lessons of development have to be understood. A place where souls come when they need the restraints of a physical body; when they need the difficult circumstances of life on your world. Earth is only one of many planets in your universe and your universe is only one of many that are in space. All you can do is live your life here making the most of the opportunities that come your way. Giving help where help can be accepted. Giving advice when you are asked for it. Giving love the whole time. Love to all your fellow men and women. Love to the children and to the adults. Love to the criminals as well as to the saints.

We leave you with our blessing and with the thought that one day when you come to our side of life you will begin to understand the complexities of Spirit and the simplicity of Spirit as well. That may seem a paradox to you but simplicity and complexity go hand in hand.

So now we say goodnight and God bless each one of you.

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