One Day At A Time

Some thoughts from Sister of Mercy

Recorded in the Circle

It was the nearly the end of the evening's Circle and Lucy said "One of my helpers may wish to say a word".

We were joined by Sister of Mercy who said this:

Good evening my children.

One of my helpers! Yes that is what we are trying to do; to come and help. We are not going to live your lives for you. We are not going to tell you what you should do or what you should not. We are going to try to make you realise for yourselves what is the best course of action for you; what you should do; what you should say and how you should conduct yourselves. But it is up to each one of you to decide for yourself what you will do with your life; how you will use the gifts which you have; how you will help or hinder.

There has been talk tonight about inhibitions. About a feeling that you are wandering in darkness not knowing which way to go. We can give you advice. We can ask you to look upon your life as one day at a time, upon the people you meet as one person to help at a time, realising that, though there is a pattern to your life, if you are truly sincere, if you wish to make the best of the talents which you have, then you will not be allowed to lose it. You will find that opportunities will open for you as you go along your road. Remember there can only be one or two people on your earth plane who will make a great impact. There will be millions of souls who are striving to do what lies to their hands.

You are serving God when you are serving your fellow men and women. You are fulfilling your destiny when you leave the world a little better when you go than it was when you came; when you can give someone a word of comfort or of happiness. So often, while you are striving to reach for the great, you are forgetting the lesser things that are about you.

You have spoken much in your Circle about love and what it involves. Remember love is a two way thing. You give your love to someone; you accept the love which they give you back. Try to live your life just one day at a time realising that if you are faithful in the little things of life then you will be ready to tackle anything big that comes your way.

If it is your destiny to live quietly you will still find when you come to our side of life that what you have done will be registered there and will be just as effective as if you had been able to preach to thousands. If you had been able to heal hundreds of people. If you had written books or composed music; written poetry; painted pictures that would thrill thousands. It would still be the same as if you are able to help your neighbour. If you are able to succour one of the lesser creatures. If you are able to do your duty where your duty lies.

You come to Earth to accept Earth's responsibilities and those must be foremost while you are living upon Earth. While you are serving those nearest to you, you are still serving God. We are not saying that it isn't a good thing to have ambition. We are not saying that you should not aim high. What we are saying is that while you are waiting for the 'Big Event' to happen that is going to make such a difference in your life, and to the world, you may be missing the opportunities of looking around you at those who are near you. Every soul that you help you are helping God.

So we leave you with this thought. After all, when Jesus lived on the earth plane He was not able to preach to Emperors, to Rulers, to Generals. All He could do was to wander about a little tiny country, among a limited group of people. But to them He gave His love, and, in giving His love, He was able to make an impression that has lasted through the centuries.

Speak the word where you find the opportunity; do the deed where it is to hand. Remember that you are eternal! you will live for ever in some form or another. Keep your faith. Keep your trust. Work within your limits, within your means, within your scope. If that scope widens to include much more of the world then welcome it and know that if you have been faithful in the small things of life you will be faithful in the larger.

Goodnight my friends and God bless you.

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