We Learn From You

How People On Earth Help Spirit

Betty Engels speaks to the Circle

I bring you a blessing from Spirit, and with it I bring thanks for the thoughts that you have been sending out.

Your world is so dark, it is difficult for me to make contact now.

I learned such a lot during my time on Earth but a lot of it was so mistaken. Since I have been in Spirit I have also learnt much but only to realize how much more there will be. My life now is pleasant but I know that I have got to go on and learn much more. You are so fortunate because you have knowledge while you are here on the earth plane and you will be able to take that knowledge with you when you come to Spirit, and in taking that knowledge you will find that your pathway will be much easier than mine.

I knew about Spirit when I was on the earth plane but I dismissed it as not being worth giving my time to, there was so much for me to do and the things of the world were so pressing that I was not able to spare time to think about Spirit, about the next world, about death, or any of the other topics that you can discuss between yourselves. Now that I have been in Spirit for some few years I am finding how much I did not know.

Please will you make the most of your opportunities while you are here, while you have the chance to know about Spirit return, about the continuity of life, about the need for everyone of you to give out thoughts of love, thoughts of healing, thoughts of Spirituality to the world around you. There is great need for it.

I often think back to my life on Earth and wish that I had taken the opportunities that came my way, but, as I say, the things of the world were so pressing and I felt it was more important to deal with them than it was to take any heed of Spiritualism; of the things of the Spirit.

Now I have to learn and I have been coming to your Circle to learn from you. That may surprise you, but it is one of the things that your Circle stands for, it is a help to those of us who are permitted to stand behind your Circle but to join with our thoughts.

Each one of you is blessed with mediumship in some degree and you can make links with Spirit that will help you, not only in this life, but in the life to come.

We are glad that you remember us in your prayers because it is important that prayers from Earth reach out onto the other side of life and it is important that those of us who are, or in my case were, in the grey places can see your light. When you have finished your time on Earth and come to Spirit you will realize the importance of Circles such as yours.

I cannot stay any longer. I do not feel worthy to ask God to bless you but I know that He will and I thank you for the help that you are giving to me and to those who have been wandering with me on the other side. I do pray that your Circle will continue to be a light, both in your world and in ours.


It was a long time before anyone spoke; the speaker had left a very emotional group of people. We had been told on many occasions that we were helping those who wandered about in the "grey places" not knowing where they were or what had happened to them. They were often invited to come and join us as part of the opening prayer but this was the first time that this had happened.

One of Lucy's Guides would come and talk about Spiritual Philosophy - we expected that - but this person was thanking us for what we had done for her. She had been coming to our meetings to learn from us!

We came as a group for a nice evening in a friends house. We might get some contact with Spirit and a talk from one of Lucy's 'Guides'. Someone in the group might pass on a message from someone on the 'other side'. You, yourself may have had the privilege of passing on such a message to another sitter. We would definitely get a cup of tea, a piece of cake and a chat afterwards.

Nobody said much over the tea and we went our separate ways contemplating the events of the evening. It made myself at least very humble to realise that we could actually help in this way; to help those who have 'died' and don't know where they are. In helping them we are doing God's work.

Lucy said her name was Betty Engels.

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