Just One Small Step

Sister of Mercy Says a Few Words

Recorded in the Circle during 1987

May we come and give you a blessing and may we come bringing with us the love of those who have passed from your side into the other world but who are still very close to you. Who are still interested in your lives; in your circumstances and in what you do.

There is much that we would like to say to you but we do not feel there is any need to put it into words because you understand so much. You are indeed privileged to be on the earth plane at this time with the knowledge that you have; the understanding of Spirit. The knowledge that life is continuous. That this earth plane of yours is just one small step along your pathway. It may seem to you that it is a very steep step but you know that you get help to climb it. When you have come to the finish of your time on Earth, whether it be short or long, you will have had the experiences that you came to the Earth to have.

Each one of you passes on love to your fellow men and women; sends out your thoughts of healing to those who are in need. You also think of those who have passed beyond Earth but who do not realise their condition and each of your prayers, each of your thoughts, has power that we can enlarge, that we can use, that we can weave into the thread of life, life that is eternal.

We want to thank you for the communion that you have with us. For allowing us to come through and speak to you from time to time; for the light that is generated by your circle. By the devotion which you show in your daily lives. The tasks that you do upon the earth plane for other people are tasks for God. Spirit will help you; will give you comfort when you are in need; will give you healing as far as is able. But Spirit cannot interfere in your lives. Spirit cannot alter the circumstances that you come up against. They are chosen by you before you came to Earth and they will be opportunities for you to develop spiritually so that when you do cross the border onto our side of life you will take with you something more than your Spirit had before it came to Earth.

Once again we say thank you and God bless you on your pathway.


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