We Need Each Other

Recorded in the Circle

Good evening.

We give you a welcome, a welcome to your thoughts that link up with Spirit, a welcome to your bodies that come into this Circle, and we give a welcome too, to those of your friends and your loved ones who have been here with you.

Sometimes when you come into your Circle you wonder whether there is going to be any contact with Spirit and yet you come because during this quiet hour you feel a renewal within yourselves and in the linking up with Spirit you are able to go forward along your path of Earth with renewed confidence and hope.

Your world is difficult today, we know, and in lots of ways you have a more difficult path to tread than people have ever had on Earth before, but remember that the troubles that come to Earth are troubles that are caused by man, but that they lead to opportunities for men to conquer and learn lessons that will be of use to them when they leave Earth behind and come back to Spirit. If you do have difficult lives upon Earth you know that it is because you chose that particular path and you know that the lessons that you are learning, even if you are not aware of them, are lessons that are going to help you to develop, help you to progress spiritually so that when you finish with your stint upon Earth you will have advanced and, when you come to our side of life, you will find that your pathway will be much easier for you.

These things are being repeated just to give you encouragement, we are confirming what you already know. It is because you have this awareness that you are in Spiritualism; it is because you know about the truth of Spirit return that you link up in this Circle. We have come in order that we may show you one or two things, that we may lift the veil a little, but reveal to you what you already know, what is in your mind, even if you have hidden it behind the material things of Earth.

As you know, it is only in love that we can draw near to you, it is the love that you send out to the Spirit world that enables those who you once knew upon Earth to come back and manifest themselves, it is the love that you generate that produces the healing, the power that is needed by so many of your people on the earth plane, the power that we try to direct to where it is most needed. But you have to remember that the power of Spirit depends upon the power of man, we cannot perform miracles, all we can do is to link with the powers that you have and use them to the best of your ability as well as ours. Think of healing, think of Spirit communication, think of Spirit return as being a two way effort. It is necessary to have a link with Spirit and it is necessary for Spirit to have a link with Earth. You learn from us, we hope, but we also learn from you and if you consider that your path upon Earth has got lessons for us as well as for you, you will be able to accept more easily the difficulties that face you.

We are not perfect by any means, but we have taken a step further along the pathway of progress. When we form a link with a medium or with a Circle we form that link from high within our sphere, using high in the sense of being more advanced, of being more spiritual. As you know, that link comes down, in the sense that down is towards the material world. Each time it makes a contact so that material world becomes a little less grey.

It is important that your links with Spirit are maintained so we ask you to continue in faith, in love, sending out your thoughts to all those on the other side of life. We need your prayers as much as you need ours.

We leave you with a blessing because blessings are always of immense value. We leave you with our prayers, we leave you with our love and we pray that you will take that love and pass it on, both to those on the earth plane and to those in Spirit.

Goodnight and God bless you all..

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