My Name Was Marie

A good idea to feel a body again?

The link with Lucy proved difficult for the person who had come to speak to us. The words were slow with long pauses in between. It was obviously not one of Lucy's usual speakers. It transpired to be a young girl who came to talk with us.

Forgive me if I don't get it right. It has been a long time and it is difficult to speak.

(Long pause)

"We are sending you much love to help you" said Margaret after a while.

I can't remember.....I want to say thank you for what you head.....there is light...I did not think it would be such a job (to link with the Circle) is beautiful here (Spirit) ....I was very glad to go (die) ... I seem to be in a muddle.. but I want you to know that.. where I am is light.. and comfort... I did not live long on earth.. but long enough... I know my parents on Earth were sorry when I went - but I wasn't.

Coming here I've got the pain... I just want to thank you.

My helper told me it would be good for me to feel a body again but it hurts so much. I shall be glad to get back to my home in Spirit.

Bless you.. My name was Marie.


When she went Lucy complained of a pain in her leg. John said that he had told her (in thought) to leave her pain with us so Lucy ended up with it. People in Spirit who link with the earth plane through a Medium often take on the conditions of their old material body. It is as if they remember their material body when they were on the Earth. It does not appear to matter how long they have been in Spirit although regular communicators can overcome it to some degree.

This is not the first time somebody has "linked in" in order to remember what it was like to to be in a body.

(Read "Old As The Hills")