The Purpose of this Site

These messages from the Spirit World contain information about why we are here in a physical body living on the Earth, including where we came from and where we are going.

The talks advise us how we should look at life on Earth in order to get the best out of it from our spiritual progress point of view. Success on the Earth is not necessarily success in Spirit.

In essence the two keys are LOVE and SERVICE. Love for everything and service to all.

The messages are not religious or about a religion although elements of the teachings can be found in all the religions of the world.

Archeologists, Lucy was interested in the subject, would not refer to their work as a religion neither would NASA say their research into the surrounding planets was a religious pursuit. Both of these endeavours are to increase our knowledge, widen our horizons and change our preconceived ideas, often centuries old, sometimes based on religious dogma or superstition.

We are told that the earth plane is where spirit beings, i.e. everybody in the physical, choose to come in order to achieve a higher spiritual state. It is a place of learning.

The reasons why people are here are as many and diverse as there are people on the planet; we are all here for our own purpose.

We are told that we are looked after and that nobody walks this Earth alone; we have a spirit companion who never leaves us from the day we are born until the time we abandon the physical body. Death is NOT a punishment; merely the completion of a task.

The physical body is likened to an overcoat which we wear in order to be able to interact with the physical world. It may also act as a limiter as to who we really are and our purpose here in the physical. There has always been a few people who can link with other dimensions in various ways. The Orthodox religions have tried their best to kill off these gifted people as they regarded them, and often still do, as a threat to their power which relied, and in some places still does, on fear and ignorance.

Most people are no longer ignorant or afraid so the power of these religions has diminished to the point where churches are closing through lack of support. Of course many other reasons can be put forward as to the causes of this but that is not what this site is about. Spirit say that all religions are good as they point the way towards God, whatever that is.

Spirit occasionally try to explain about God but say we have no concepts on Earth that can be used to express any ideas they have, which they admit are very limited. They do know what God is not.

This Site is here on the Internet as a platform for Spirit to pass on this information, not only to the original small circle of sitters, but to the whole world. If this knowledge was accepted by the world, and many have tried before, then wars would cease, crime would stop and the barriers would come down. People would forget about their differences of race, colour and religion and start helping each other as we are all here for the same purpose: to learn and grow through experience and, when we return home, to have achieved a HIGHER SPIRITUAL STATUS.

This statement is the conclusion, based on 50 years research, of John Hardaker whose site this is and has been created as a tribute to my friend and Medium, Lucy Hale and those who spoke through her for over 40 years.

Please note: I don't have any fixed opinions or beliefs and only occasionally say what I think - as in What do Spiritualists Believe? which was in response to some ladies at the Cowley Church, Oxford, UK, asking what was it that Spiritualists believed.

My moto is 'Tell me something I do not know.' For example it is only in the last week or so - May 2020 - that I am realising how the 'peri-spirit', as mentioned in the 'Spirits Book' by Allan Kardek, is required by a Spirit communicator. Even that is open to further investigation and understanding as are most other things.

Some years ago there was a TV programme called 'Crossing Over,' the Medium being John Edward (those are his christian names; he never revealed his surname.) I wrote an article about his work some years ago. He gave up the TV work as he did not like what was going on at the time. If you wish you can read my thoughts written when the show was being broadcast. Tribute to John Edward and Crossing Over.

John Hardaker. October 1998 & April 2010. Small changes / addtions Dec 2020 & Dec 2021.

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