Faces of the Living Dead



This is an interesting book about the work of Psychic Artist, Frank Leah.


Many of the drawings were done before Frank met the person.
Many of the drawings were done very quickly.

I have been requested not to give this book away as it is still in print.

The Frank Leah book  ‘Faces of the Living Dead’. This book is still under copyright to Psychic Press and has been available since April 2010 when the then editor, Susan Farrow, asked me to bring it back into print within SNPP books.  The royalties from sales go to support Psychic News  which now incorporates Two Worlds as well, and I know they need all the support they can get. It too is available as above ( inc. Arthur Findlay College, Banyan Retreat and De Zwanenhof in Holland) with the royalties going to support Psychic Press in its work. (£8.50)

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