Short Items & Extracts




What do Spiritualists Believe?
John Hardaker
Broadcasting from Beyond
A. E. Perriman
The Message
Through Lucy Hale
Many Mansions
Lord Dowding
Look Forward to Death
Lord Dowding
Many Mansions (an extract)
Lord Dowding
Daybreak Journal - 1885
An Interesting extract from this Journal.
The Doorway
Margaret Vivian
Seven Principles - UK
S. N. U.
As given through Winifred Moyes
Through the Mists (also in Dutch).
R. J. Lees
Seven Principles - USA
The Life Elysian
R. J. Lees
High Flight (poem)
John G. Magee
The Gate of Heaven
R. J. Lees
The Cobbler (an extract)
Rev. Vale Owen
The Car of Phoebus
R. J. Lees
Welcome Home (an extract)
Rev. Vale Owen
Pheneas Speaks
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sometimes I Wonder (poem)
F. J. Lee (Blacksmith)
The New Revalation
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Ethics of Mediumship
Eileen Garrett
The History of Spiritualism - Volume One
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Tomorrow Never Comes
Norma Cornett Marek - 1989
The History of Spiritualism - Volume Two
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Constructive Use of Feelings (Seminar Notes)
Dr. John L. Wallen Ph. D.
Spirit Teachings
Stainton Moses
The Interpersonal Gap
Dr. John L. Wallen Ph. D.
More Spirit Teachings
Stainton Moses
Healing List - A4 size. A blank form to write down the names of people who need healing.
John Hardaker
Faces of the Living Dead
Abount Psychic Artist Frank Leah
Paul Miller
Healing List - Letter size. A blank form to write down the names of people who need healing.
John Hardaker
Ferry over Jordan
Margery Lawrence

Prayers for Church Services.
A selection of prayers on various topics.

John Hardaker
Fifty Years a Medium
Estelle Roberts
Doorway to Heaven
Some early memories.
John Hardaker
The Two Brothers
A. F. Webling
Book Extracts
Extracts taken from various books
The Way To Life
'The Soldier'
Gospel of St. Mathew in Rhyming Verse
Supplied by Timothy Parker
Pass It On
Popular in the 1930's
Geoffrey Gilbey

Ghosts of the Tsunami
Published in the 'Daily Mail' Dec 28th 2006

Colin Wilson
The Wheel of Eternity
Helen Greaves
More Data
A communication from Spirit.

Teachings of Silver Birch
Extracts from 30 years of teaching

Hanen Swaffer's Home Circle
Remembrace Day
Two poems from The Life Elysian
R. J. Leys
The Witness
Jessie Platts
What Will I Do?
A poem for a 14 year old boy to say.
Mr. F. J. Lee in 1960
The Spiritualistic Experiences of a Lawyer
The Stop-Gap
A poem.
Rev. J. R. Edwards of Weston-super-Mare
The Future Life
Interesting - Boston 1869
Through Mrs Elizabeth Sweet
No Bridges to Build
An address given in the Cowley Rd. Church
Mr. Peter King of Reading.
The Outer Courts
A privately published book of 1917
M. Agnes Fox
The last time I 'died' was in Jerusalem in 1276
Something interesting to read.
Dr. Danny Penman
A Hand in Dialogue
Charles Frye
A Tribute to Keith
Something that occured in a Circle.
John Hardaker
Airmen who would not die (an extract)
John G Fuller

In a séance with Eusapia Paladino
New York Times 1908

New York Times journalist.
Man and The Spiritual World
Written in 1903.
Rev. Arthur Chambers

Where are you now, my Love?
Some thoughts based on a newpaper article.

John Hardaker

Memoranda of Persons, Places and Events.
Including the story of Hortensia.

Andrew Jackson Davies
written about 1850.
Has Science Confirmed Survival?
A 25p booklet
J. J. Snyder (U.S.A.)

Testimony of Light
Communications from Frances Banks

Helen Greaves
Thomas Paine
A 25p booklet. The most Valuable Englishman ever,
Mostly Arthur Findlay
The Betty Book (1937)

Stewart Edward White

Letters from a Living Dead Man
"X" through Elsa Barker.

War Letters from The Living Dead Man

"X" through Elsa Barker.
Last Letters from The Living Dead Man
Still applies today.
"X" through Elsa Barker.
Beyond Human Personality
F. W. H. Myers through Geraldine Cummins.
The Road to Immortality
F. W. H. Myers through Geraldine Cummins.
    Travellers in Eternity
Interesting communications
Geraldine Cummins
Thirty Years Among The Dead
Originally published in 1924
Dr. Carl A. Wickland, M.D.
Where Two Worlds Meet
Transcripts of meetings held in Glasgow
Arthur Findlay
Stansted Hall
    The Rock of Truth
Written 1933
Arthur Findlay
Stansted Hall
Unfinished Symphonies
Rosemary Brown
Psychology and Life
Originally published in 1934
Leslie D. Weatherhead
The Unobstructed Universe
Published 1940
Stewart Edward White
There Is No Death
Very interesting book from the late 1800's.

Florence Marryat

Communication with the Next World
About Mediums and Circles
W. T. Stead
Living Waters
Helen Greaves
Into Eternal Light
A very small book.
Kenneth through Madge Wood.
Letters from Christopher

Ruth Mary Tristram

Links Through Space
Written in the early years of ww2.

William Blackwell
Matters of Life and Death
A newspaper reporter looks at Spiritualism, etc
Geoffrey Murray
Some Discern Spirits
The Mediumship of Estelle Roberts
Sylvia Barbanell
The Challenging Light
Helen Greaves

Claude's Book
Claude was a pilot in the 1st WW. Interesting.

Edited by L. Kelway-Bamber
Christ in You - a small book (advanced)
Not known (Communication)
The Blue Island
Communicated by W. T. Stead who died on the Titanic.
Frontiers of the Afterlife
An interesting document written in 1922.
Edward C. Randall
The dead have never died.
An interesting book written in 1917
Edward C. Randall
The Ministry of Angels
Mrs. Joy Snell (Nurse)
The Great Reality
J. H. Remmers
The Psychic Life Of Jesus
The Rev. G. Maurice Elliott
Private Dowding
Wellesley Tudor Pole
Parish the Healer
Maurice Barbanell
Letters from the Light
Elsa Barker
Life Beyond Death with Evidence - Parts 1 & 2
An interesting book with Questions and Answers
Rev. Charles Drayton Thomas
Life Here & Hereafter
Charlotte E Dresser
Life in the World Unseen
Anthony Borgia
Sequal to Life in the World Unseen.
Anthony Borgia
A Psychic Bedside Book
Percy J. Hitchcock
Golden Thoughts
Edward Stephen Tracey
Gone West: Three Naratives
J.S.M. Ward B.A.
Roger Whitby

A Subaltern in Spirit Land.
Sequel to 'Gone West'.

J.S.M. Ward B.A.
Psychic Messages from Oscar Wilde
Edited by Hester Travers Smith

The Mediumship of Arnold Clare

Harry Edwards
The Mediumship of Jack Webber
Harry Edwards
Master Keys of Life & Death
Walter Carey
Looking Back
A small book from the early 1900's
Percy Johnson
My Treasures For You
Laurie Worger
After Death - Letters from Julia
W. T. Stead
Seth Speaks
Jane Roberts
Silver Birch Anthology
Silver Birch spoke in a London Circle
The Survival of Man
Sir Oliver Lodge F.R.S.
Glimpses of the Next State
Vice-Admiral W. Usborne Moore
Thoughts from the Inner Life
D. E. Baily (pub 1886)

Our Unseen Guest
Advanced ideas even for today.

Darby & Joan (pub 1920)
As One Ghost to Another
John Scott
I Lent a Hand to a Ghost
John Scott
Many Lives, Many Masters
Dr. Brian Weiss
Jordan Past
F. E. Scatcherd
Excursions to the Spirit World
Frederick C. Sculthorp
Widening Trails
A ww2 bomber is shot down over Berlin.
Linda L. Metcalf
We Are Here
Ludvig Dahl (1864 - 1934 )
Witness from Beyond

A. D. MATTSON, S.T.D. through Margaret Flavell Tweddell transcribed by Ruth Mattson Taylor

Harvest of Light
Extracts from the magazine 'Light'

Edited by: Neville Armstrong
The Children of Evolution
N. O. Davies
The Psychic Bridge
An Advanced book published in War Econonomy Standard.

Jane Sherwood.

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