Index of Lucy's Talks

All these scripts are taken from tape recordings made at the time.

Some of these recordings are now available on YouTube.

Any editing has been kept to the absolute minimum.
Dates are given but the information is timeless.
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From the Beginning to the End   Peace and Progress   Just Love and Happiness
Old As The Hills   Why Are You On Earth?   Follow Your Pathway
Think For Yourself   Building Your Home In Spirit   The Forces of Good and Evil
Problems With Communication   My Brother's Keeper?   Responsibilities of Earth
A Message From Shaydrack   A Complete Failure?   We Come To Help You
God Bless You   The Sunshine Of Your Life   The Joys and Sorrows of Earth
Peace In Your World   Weaving The Threads   What Is Truth
Man's Spiritual Evolution   The Beginnings Of Religion   Peace With Nature
Earth Is A Planet   The Message   Young People and Changes Coming
A Change Of Mind   One Day At A Time   The Power Of Friendship
Love Is All   Freedom To Choose What Is Right   We Learn From You
Message of Hope and Warning   Just One Small Step   No Judge Or Jury
Healing and Spiritualism   Just One Small Speck   Keep Working For Spirit
The Religion Of Love   We Need Each Other   We Look After Your Circle
Man Made Problems   The Harvest Of The Soul   The Tapestry of Life
Peace Upon This House   Love Is So Simple   Mediumship
You Still Miss The Physical   Thank You For Your Circle   The Opportunities Of Life
A Light In The Darkness   To Be A Spiritualist   Dealing With People On Earth
Failure is An Opportunity   Treading Earth’s Pathway   The Power Of The Individual
Healing And Nature   Love Is Power   I Have Kept My Promise
Prayer For A Circle   As We Have Said Before   Spread Out The Light
An Opening Prayer   Life's Purpose On Earth   I Have Kept My Promise
Like Attracts Like   Gifts, Talents and Love   Decide For Yourself
My Name Was Marie   You Are Part Of Spirit   Some Advice About Health
Citizens of the World   The Value of Thoughts and Prayer   The Lilies Of The Field
Light In The Darkness   Spread Your Love Everywhere   God's Plan Is Working
Pause For Thought   Freeing Yourself From Matter   Aspects Of Truth
There Is Always Tomorrow   The Opening Prayer   You Chose The Physical
Spread Your Love Everywhere   Opening Prayer for a Service   Learning Through Joy
Nothing is Wasted   Unfolding Your Personality   Vacation From Spirit?
We Come From A Long Way Off   A Life of Service   Your Vision Of Spirit
Make Earth A Better Place   The Light Upon Your Pathway   Links Upon Links
Predestination and Free Will   Further Truth & Understanding   Just a Minute Of Your Time
Leaving Your Body Behind   Darkness And Sunlight   Love Will Prevail
Closer Links With Spirit   The Gospel Of Spirit   Just One Little Incident
There Is Joy And Happiness   Many Different Ways   Every Little Helps
Everyone Comes To Spirit   Just A Few Ideas   Touch & Go

Find Time to Work for Spirit   The Great Project    

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Lucy's Life Story written by herself

This list contains most of the talks that were recorded over the years 1986 to 1993. You will find in Brother Bernard's Addresses a repetition of the same ideas. This is because the talks were recorded in different venues with different people. I have done my best in trying to make these talks readable without altering the words; just leaving out a few "and" words. If you come across any mistakes please let me know.


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