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Lucy's Pages

Communications from the Spirit World. Verbatim transcripts of Lucy's Guides and Helpers recorded during her last five years as a Spiritualist Medium. Some talks can also be heard in MP3 format taken from the original recordings. This Web Site was originally created to publish these talks.
Ken Hanson's Circle
More Communications from the Spirit World. Ken Hanson sent me some transcriptions of a Circle held in his home in Waiheke Island, New Zealand. His wife, who he says is a Cockney, is the Medium through whom these people spoke to the group of sitters. A lady contacted me advising that Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.
Leeds Castle and
Lady Baillie
Something that occurred while looking around Leeds Castle in Kent.
Books to Download
Complete books on Spiritual Topics also some book extracts in PDF format. Other formats for hand held readers available upon request.
Books to read
This section contains a list of Spiritual books and their authors with some links. Some will be out of print while others are available on-line.
Prayers for Church Services
A collection of prayers on various topics.
Some historical information and a letter written to my Father from his older Brother during the First World War.
Hymn Tune CDs
Hymn Tunes on four CDs created by an organist who has been playing for churches of various denominations in the UK for many years. Intended for group or personal use. These are older, traditional Hymn Tunes. No singing on the tracks.
Don Galloway
Don, now departed this life, sits at a desk in the Cober Hill hallway.
A Caring Society?
Extract from 'Unite' Post Office Workers Magazine about a person being imprisoned in a Care Home.

Technical Items

Six Channel Audio Mixer with RIAA module.
An old, but effective circuit that uses the 'new' BC-109 Semiconductor. Article dated 1965. The RIAA module is easy to construct and runs from a 9 volt battery. Just the job for getting your vynal recordings onto the computer for making CDs.
SCART Lead Construction
Describes a method of making a SCART lead for UK Television, DVD, Satellite, etc, systems.
Scart may be on the way out in favour of HDMI. Read about HDMI 1.4 Spec.
Setting up a Wireless Keyboard / Mouse
The sure, certain method of getting your USB Receiver, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse going. This took me some time to work out, despite the instructions, which assume things you may not know or realise at the time.
Windows 7 not updating
A new install of Windows 7 Home Premium will not update. Checking for updates brings up an error message. Possible solution to the problem.
Repairs to Yamaha electronic organs, keyboards, clavinovas, etc. also computer servicing in the Oxfordshire area. Qualifications include JEB Diploma in I.T. also HNC Electrical from some time ago.
Blocked I.P.s
A list of I.P. addresses that have tried to break into my system.

John Hardaker, Bampton, Oxfordshire, UK

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