Index of Lilly's Talks

All these Scripts are taken from Tape Recordings made at the time.

Editing has been kept to a minimum so her 'style' is not lost.

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Introduction to Lilly   Splash the Good News About   Never Too Old For Spirit
Learn the Things of the Spirit   Looking Back   The Good Things And The Bad Things
Down In A Diving Suit   The Work's Lined Up For You   Jolly Good Fun
Let Them Come Through   Healing and Platform Work   I Must Return One Day
The Sky at Night   Only Fight Things Of Nature   Everything In Moderation
Men Have Their Free Will   People Need The Opportuniites   Perfect Freedom?
My Medi Saw Me!   Send Them The Colours   Waiting for the Misses
Here Is The Weather Forcast   They's Still Thinking Of You   Take All The Walls Down
Some Things Turn Out Right   Let's All Pull Together   There's Lots And Lots To Do
The Colour Of The Patchwork   New Age Coming   Let them Worry For Themselves
Things You Wants To Do   Reality Is Just An Illusion   Lilly Joins In
Can't Goes Against Free Will   The Revalation?   Not As Black As It's Painted
A Happy Christmas From Lilly   In Your Sleep State    

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